We've done another survey, improved our menus, and updated our help page, but still we think you're not getting the most out of Mathaba...

When we look at our logs, we see many readers come to the front page, and read various items. Or use our RSS feeds, or Daily Highlights Briefing, but how many of our regular users actually realise that they could do a lot better?

We'll share a few tips here, just in case you did not know:

And, for those of you who do see what we're doing and appreciate it, read our news regularly and make use of our services, why don't you help us to grow by letting others know about Mathaba, or even signing up as a member?

If you do sign up as a member, you are helping us to sustain our operations, as well as getting other benefits. However, if you cannot afford to do so, then why not help out a bit more to spread the word, here are simple but effective ways to help:

  • When you read an article that you like, click on the "Email This" link at the end, and send it to people on your Email contact list. It'll open up an Email with the article title and link, and you can send it to any number of your friends, and we don't get to see your Email nor theirs. Think of this: if you CARE about what you just read, don't you want those you care about to also have a chance to read it?
  • If you've signed up to Reddit, Diggit, Newsvine, Delicio.us, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, when you read something you like, click the link or "more" at the end of the article so you can share it with thousands, even millions of other people! It's a great way to support us and get more readers.
  • If you post on forums, newsgroups, or Email, why not consider adding a cool signature to your forum profile, or Email, that shows rotating headlines from Mathaba? Or you could even write a simple text link at the end of your signature, like 'For news, check http://www.mathaba.net first'. Check out our tools for forums, newsgroups, Email or blogs.

We don't have the budget of the New York Times to place advertisments on TV, all we have is you, our dear readers, to spread the word. Although we're growing, it's not yet fast enough to make the big difference that we could be making. Preventing wars, exposing criminals, providing information, this and more are the responsibilities of media. Help us to grow faster. Let's have 4,000 instead of 400 people receiving our Daily Briefing. Let's have 12,000 instead of 1,200 people getting our Email announcements. Let's have 10 million visitors each month, instead of one million.

We are very sure that if you take time to make good use of what we have here, by doing any number of the above suggested things, most of which are completely free, then we will achieve that goal.

Do your bit whenever you can, and watch the numbers rise, we'll keep you posted!